Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Furniture, freecycle - feast or famine...

So far I have acquired four chairs which we are actually using in the kitchen as the y fit under the table very well. I have a hall runner to collect and am second for some bedside units. I have also hedged my bets and requested another set from a different site. We have use for them all.

I am either very lucky or not at all with freecycle.

I am trying to reduce, reuse etc and spend no money on furniture. I will only be buying second hand or acquiring from freecycle or skips!

I don't get the need for new stuff. I have no desire for it. I doubt I will ever own a new sofa. I don't really care. I am missing that gene for chasing the ever evolving interior trends.

Our magnolia home - military issue standard mag, is just fine. If I owned a house it would also be mag, or white.  Cheap and cheerful and easy to spruce up.

I need some rugs however as the military issue carpets will need to go back to the military the way we found them. We have large rugs at front and back doors for dog cleaning nad buggy parking. We have rugs in each room covering the path most likely.

If passing an IKEA we may indulge in the large cheap rugs on offer and break the second hand or free find rule!

Other than that we need another two or three lamps and the bedside tables of course.

Jacob will need a wardrobe or chest of drawers at some point. The cupboard that houses his kit was an old office cupboard from my pre redundancy days circa 2010. Tweeny girl used it, it was shipped to Italy and back again and is now getting a little wobbly. Well used though.

Two IKEA Malm Bedside tables (Oak veneer) 
Both bedside tables are like this. For free its fine. I wouldnt pay for them new tbh. Inoffensive, bland. Wonder if they will paint?

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

So I invited the family for christmas...

Yep that would mean  an additional 7 people plus us (3.5) so 10 and a half people plus three dogs.
We have provisional 'yes's from 4/5 people. The age range is 15 to 70 so all adult sized portions of food and bed space required.

We are in a four bed plus dining room and downstairs toilet so it is do able. I can rustle up two spare double beds upstairs put another two down stairs and make a teenager sleep in Weeny girls room. The boy can have his cot dragged in with us, his room then providing one of the double bedrooms.

We have a large dining room table that fits 6 comfortably but if you extend it can fit up to 12. We can do this.

I will need more cutlery and plates etc. I care not for matching yadda yadda so second hand will do. I have freecycle acquired some spare chairs. We only have 6 functional chairs so the extra four stackable ones will do. Blue plastic with little round cushions were a bargain for only local petrol money.
I will need glasses as well. All these are acquirable for cheap or nothing.

I  wont deviate from what we normally have - pea soup, chicken - but will do turkey, and pavlova, Anything else the guests can bring. If they want prawn cocktail  they can bring their own lol.

I will do bacon butties in the morning and have nibbles for the evening, curry and chicken stews and bolognese are easy to do. ANd easy to stretch out with grated carrot and veg.

First time and last time. It's all Biggles family. His mother was hinting about us coming up for xmas but I said no as I would have to cart up a load of  pressies for the kids plus our clothes etc  Its just not practical to do that and I think kids when small are better in their own house on xmas day and xmas eve.  We would also have to find somewhere to stay as we would have that much stuff. It really is not practical so they can come to us.

When the kids are older and less inclined towards the big jolly man in the red suit then maybe but for now not a cat in hells chance.

Biggles is unimpressed. He likes quiet Christmases but the kids need to see their grandparents too and nothing wrong with xmas.  Personally if I had no kids I would be on the equator somewhere sweating, a million miles from tinsel and crackers.

Yes I know I am early but it is nearly the 'bers' and I have bought two sorry three xmas pressies already. ( both from second hand shops of course).