Friday, 2 September 2016


Offered and collected bedside tables, single futon and a shelving unit.

Had to collect this evening so no weekly shop. Means I have to brave it tomorrow. Ewwww. But such is life.
We have enough food to last.

Edt to include Chairs! x 4 wooden. The require some TLC. They are perfect. Wooden and will replace two of the wooden ones that are looking a bit suspect and missing screws and joints are becomming loose. Just require a coat of varnish.

Oh I like this Freecycle in Surrey! The futon is ae and comes with a nice blue home made cover. Perfect for guests and will live in the boys room I think. Nice to sit on for stories. Tweeny girl can have it in her room when friends stay. She would like a bean bag for xmas.

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