Thursday, 1 September 2016

Tweenage tantrums.

Brattiness or is it brattyness. I think the former. Anyway Tweeny girl is finidng it difficult to take responsibility when she is caught doing something wrong.  Oh we have strops and tantrums like a baby. She is 8. Today it was my make up. I caught her using my concealer for the second time. It is trashed. She has her own stuff to play with. She doesnt get to wear it outside of the house. I dont mind her messing about with it. She was told off and caught red handed. I shouted at her as I was furious at the waste and the fact it was the second time she has been caught. She shouted  out rude things and was rude and horrid. I had raised my voice but not in a screamy way. She then put her fingers in her ears and refused to listen to any talking to.

Over summer she was banned from the local sports centre play scheme for similar behaviour. She was told off and ran away out of the centre and went along the road. They dont have time for 1 2 1 so was out on her ear. 

She refuses to discuss it and explodes if we push it. I really dont like her behaviour very much at the moment. 

Anyway after a fashion and a time left alone we were able to talk to her.  There are most definitely issues afoot I feel.  These outbursts need to stop and I dont know how to stop them. 

Freecycle haul: Missed out on the bedside cabinets. Boo. But collected a rug - runner style and have a three shelf unit to collect tomorrow or saturday. I have further requests in for a single futon. 

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