Saturday, 8 October 2016

Where am I at?


I have plans A-D running re work and the future. They are in hand. I have applied to the CAB to do some voluntary work which will keep me active and occupied and I will be doing some paid yoof work. Badly paid sessional 3hrs a week yoof work but work nonetheless. For the future I feel a out of sync. More on that later.

Christmas is in hand. Purchased, sourced. We only have the grandparents for xmas. My cunning plan worked. I really didn't think two teenagers would be interested in leaving their friends for the silly season.  This means less food and less stuff to purchase.

I have a mixture of second hand and new stuff for the kids for xmas. All good. Once the presents are purchased this will leave me time to do the rest of the organising- food, adult presents. Yes this year we will have to buy presents, take Tweeny girl to buy her gifts. We are doing the pound shop and budgeting this year, cards, decorating yadda yadda and that cooking thing. All in hand!

Halloween is organised. We are away the week before so have made Tweeny girl her corpse bride outfit.

The weeks tick by to their own rhythm. Toddler group, rhyme time, guitar lessons, dance lessons, choir practice. I dog walk and get the shopping done and stick to our food budget. The house is lived in but clean.

Still plotting, still planning. Still uncertain.

I really need to find time to write more. Its cathartic.  I have been reminiscing quite a bit. Hence The Pixies.

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