Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Traditions

Quick post as it's 0039 Christmas day!

We have our own prefered routine at Christmas and traditions if you wish.

We do our own food. We eat chicken not Turkey. We don't like it and it's too big with too much waste for us.

Only I eat Christmas Cake and Mince pies and Pudding.  So I eat them as a treat as Costa with a coffee. :-) Instead I make super rich hazelnut choc brownies and Shortbread. I always bake these with the kids. We try not to buy in too much shop made stuff.  For pudding we have home made pavlova.

The kids have a final advent calendar  clue led hunt for the last chocolate.

We try to scavenge the materials for a Christmas wreath prior to Crimbo.

Hmmm We went to Mass this year. Normally before Italy we tried to take in a Christmas  service or carols.

I have always threatened to make the kids wait to open their wrapped presents till after dinner. This year due to the excessI've presents I am doing it. They have Santa presents then a large bag from relatives to open then presents under the tree from us. See pics.

If we lived by the coast a beach walk would be order of the day.

The dog will still require a quick trot out.

Next year we won't do cards and give to Charity instead.

The excess - not from us!
 Santa child 1
 Santa child 2
Pressies under the tree for us and the kids to be opened after dinner.

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