Thursday, 29 December 2016

The inbetween days..

The bit after boxing day but before new year when you forget which day it is and don't know what to do with your self. Those ones... Neither of us are working over xmas. Not back till the 3rd, 4th and 11th. We have said fare well to the relatives, watched Christmas movies, ventured out of the house for walks and such We had wanted to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park today for tweeny girl but we all have head colds. Nothing major but we don't want to be outside in the cold and with a whingy toddler to boot. Maybe tomorrow or NYE.

We have made soup with leftovers, frozen chicken pieces from our roast beast and pretty much lived out of our freezer rather well. The kids did disgustingly well from xmas. I have a stash of presents that I can re gift too. I have stashed remnants that can be reused, and have begun to remove the decorations slowly and sneakily.

As soon as January hits we are on countdown to Biggles leaving so are all a bit depressed to be honest. He will be away on courses for at least two weeks in January. He will take off two weeks from work prior to leaving for the middle east in Feb.

Normally at this time of year we would plan trips away and visits and holidays. Look for bargains, consider camping etc (Last year we did this in Italy of course) I could still do this but its all a little harder being so far away from relatives and good friends. If I was in the North East I wouldn't mind so much but we are South West of London. Easier to get to the South Coast than the North. 6hrsm plus  of driving with a demanding toddler who doesn't travel well IE sleep in the car, fills me with dread.

I also have our hound to think of. I will need to walk her everyday and will do this with small boy in either a back pack or buggy. We may be better just staying put and doing local day trip things.

I shall ponder. I also have resolutions or rather tasks for 2017 to list.

Simple ones
Exercise more -  dvd or some thing may be more practical to be honest. No child care for gyms or classes on a regular basis
Take my supplements regularly especially the omega 3 fish oils.
Organise my photographs and get some printed out for keepsakes. I have a fear or losing everything digitally despite having back ups.
Begin my masters reading.

Its not too hard I suppose. I do exercise dog walking each day.

I shall continue sniffling hibernation till I hit 44. Yes NYE birthday.

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