Sunday, 1 January 2017

Back to normal, whatever that is....

Tree gone, last of the food is being eaten, We will eat in the kitchen again from now on and not in the dining room. The table goes back to homework purposes. 

We don't have long. Biggles is away next weekend  leaves Sunday and returns Thursday then repeats again the following week. 

Tweeny girl would like birthday events when he returns- a family event and one for her friends. 

Am thinking the cinema and then KFC for a few of her chums then back to ours for cake. 

I must get on with the invitations- will be in the pc and printed off for cheapness. 

Still miffed than we will not be camping this year. I cant see me managing with the toddler on my own. Not safely anyway. Such a pity. Maybe I ll consider a caravan holiday or something. 

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