Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday things...

1.As it was just me and the sproggolinis this week meals were super easy. We made mind stretch two days. I made a thai curry, the left overs of which I turned into enough soup for the following day. We had our on toast meal as we are won't to do and enjoy when  'he who must be fed' is away. What we have tonight I am not sure. Still debating as HWMBF aka Biggles is home.

2.I have epilated. That's the hardest part is getting started with the epilator. From now on I will hardly need a razor. It cost in electricity  but very little. I had the set sitting around and it was a bit of a waste not to use it.

3. Ebay Jeans - My fav jeans originally second hand developed a hole. An fixable one which rendered then quite filthy. Cant even turn them into shorts. Replaced with a new pair for the same price as they were second hand from Ebay.

4. Defrosted frozen homemade cake for treats. Vegan Banana bread ( Jack Monroe recipe) freezes and defrosts really well.

5. Spent £35 at Aldi for the week. This included school pack lunch supplies, fresh food, bread, nappies and milk for the toddler monster. I spent some extra money on Lacura moisturiser which so far is rather nice. It's not necessarily frugal to spend on extra s but the choice of l.acura is considered.

Next week is the birthday week for the 9yr old to be. I have her gifts mostly sitting up stairs. Need some party bits and a card for her for next week.

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