Sunday, 8 January 2017

January and being on my todd.

Moisturise - ,mostly but I need some lighter day moisturiser. I only have night cream which is making my skin break out. Aldi it is methinks.
Take supplements - ongoing
Exercise- dog walking is about it so far. I have downloaded some exercise vids. I shall endeavour to give it a go.
Epilate! - first session on Tuesday when I have enough growth. I am not looking forward to it. It hurts a lot the first time you do it.
Organise photos - so far so good. I have the kids photos organised and in albums. I have others that I need to print off and frame. Some we have already and I need more frames.
Begin masters reading - to be thought about after March. I have another application to  complete about this time. I have a potential reading list.

Biggles is away for four days this week and next week. Bit of a trial run before he buggers off for the long stint. I have a babysitter arranged for Wednesday and next Wednesday. See how it goes.  Hopefully I will be able to keep up with work. Its only one night a week.

The kids and I had mince and tatties with veg and Yorkshire's today. One meal for four of us or rather 3 of us can be eeked out for two days with extra veg. We will be eating the same tomorrow.

We will have an eggy bread dinner this week as well, soup and stir fry. Biggles home late Thursday.

Am not looking forward to being on my own down here in the deep south, Too far from friends. I can pop and see folk in the big smoke but I'm not really popping and I have to think about the dog. Its a bit of an epic journey with boy and the buggy and tweeny girl to navigate South Western trains and then the underground to friends houses or mid way meet ups in the centre of town.

Ah well we will get by. I may need to start ringing people again.I  have realised that I don't do that much anymore. I use social media and messaging. Not really the same.

Aldi tomorrow, Kids need their fresh fruit and veg.

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