Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Restocking of eveything and a 9th birthday.

I restocked. We needed pretty much everything from loo roll to soap powder to cleaning products to bacon and baked beans. I also purchased a new wok. All from Aldi. 

We are restocked. Ready for packed lunches and back to normal dinners. 

I plan on making Biggles favourite grub as often as possible before he buggers off. He will have American air force cuisine - over cooked, additive laden rubbish for 6mths. 
We have enough for fish pie at least twice, lemon chicken pieces, carbonara, Thai curry etc etc

Tweeny girl has requested my disgustingly rich and fattening brownies instead of birthday cake. She is 9 in a few weeks. 
She is having a bit of a doo with four friends - Cinema and McDonald's then back for cake. Not cheap for 5 kids but she doesn't have much in the way of play dates here or any playing out with local kids, Its not that type of place. She does do extra curricula once a week and we will try to increase this again with something at school as its cheap. She was doing choir but isn't as keen now that xmas is over. 

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