Saturday, 18 March 2017

A Few Pics

Our freecycled added to trampoline is still doing ok. 

Willow screening. Cheap and cheerful. I hope it lasts for three years. I was sick of people looking over the fence straight into out garden and living room. 

Orange zest muffins made with sweetner not sugar and left over lower fat  creme fraiche.

If I want to lose weight I need to stop making cake with left overs and just make enough for the kids for breakfast. 

Lazy Saturday morning needed. Going to wash the car and walk the dog down the river Thames, 
Its pizza popcorn night tonight and we will camp in the living room with blankets. Easy fun to be had. 

The willow is a little short. I have another roll on order. Sunday we will garden.  I have some compost, carrot seeds and free flower seeds including sunflowers. 

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