Thursday, 2 March 2017

Ah the joys of military life...

Biggles is away in the Land of Sand for 6mths. He left at the weekend. Will get some R&R after 3mths for two weeks. Home in late August for good. So its just me and the kids and the Wunda dog. So far so good to be honest but I am keeping the kids busy. Biggles is missing them dreadfully. He has asked that I send out some pictures for his office. 

We are getting back into the swing of uniformed life I suppose and one of those aspects being separation. Thankfully not a war zone this time so less to worry about.

On the positive side, there is less washing, less food to buy and cook, house is tidier and I get the whole bed. 

Down side is that we have to walk the dog as a family everyday. This is fine in nice weather and when the kids are not tired or unwell. I walk the dog everyday with small boy so its not too bad. 

I have the grass to cut however. This is a pain though I  do that when boy is away for day with his bud. Only every fortnight I need to fit the bugger in. 

I am still epilating. I am taking my supplements abeit sporadically. I havent lost any weight yet. We went on holiday and splurged ( Back to Northumberland). 
I have a large application to STep into Social Work due soon. Just waiting for the window to open. 

I have given up Facebook for lent, eating after 7pm and alcohol. Individually they were easy. I have little to give up that would be a challenge to be honest hence the combination. 

For the kids we have eaten our favourite food, we have a new bedtime routine that involves games, I have baked their favourite cakes.  We have built a den in the living room, completed craft projects and revived old toys with new batteries. We will bake Brownies at the weekend. 
The weekend will be a test as thats when they see their Dad more. Same for Biggles. 

More films, popcorn, pizza and fruit kebabs this weekend I think. 

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