Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Blackening bananas means baking.

I have acquired five getting old bananas. This means two lots of banana bread. More baking  I may make cheese scones for Tweeny girl as she is not a fan of banana bread. I will half and then freeze the loaves in four chunks  as it gets dry quickly. Frozen cakes work fine.

She has also requested more muffins. They are a half decent breakfast food for Tweeny. She is not a breakfast kid unless its the weekend when she will take her time to devour cereal and bacon /sausage sandwiches quite happily. Midweek her preference is the vile pop tart.  In order to get something into her on school days I do indulge this rank habit. I have some in reserve in the cupboard. She will consider toast but only occasionally.  I don;t have any left over fruit so may surprise her with a  dollop of hidden nutella. Treats are treats.  Italians eat cake and pastries for breakfast.

We have eeked out two meals this week. Chorizo pasta one day then I added a dollop of creme fraiche and some spices to the left overs which we ate today. Small boy devoured it with gusto. He is a happy pasta kid. He was born in Italy.

He is nearly 2. We have just under a month till his birthday.

I will think about play doh, sand for his sandpit and some second hand  paw patrol things from Ebay.
No party as it will be pretty much lost on him. His Grandma may visit. We will celebrate but quietly.

Dunno what to cook tomorrow. We have dance and drama classes from 1630 - 1830. Something quick or prepared. Maybe curry and rice and a few naughty chips.

Tomorrow is shopping day. Frustratingly I have to stay in to wait for a tree surgeon on an 8-6 appointment. Realistically they pack up at about 3pm. I have the school run so a note on the door will have to suffice in the morning. Appointments are being booked and messages left on Biggles phone I think.I didnt book this one. He isn't checking his messages as this costs. And he is in UAE. I shall need to speak to the management company.  Not military it has been contracted out.

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