Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Cooking with leftovers! I hate waste.

I have recently been indulging in baking far more than I did before. This mostly revolves around
  • Scones
  • Muffins
  • Fruit bread

If I have left over fruit it gets chucked in one of the above. The kids like fresh fruit and do ok generally but they won't eat very yellowing bananas or super wrinkly apples. Any berries that are a bit soft are overlooked so I collect them and throw them in one of the above or freeze them till I have accumulated enough.  If I have a tin of fruit with left overs that too is chopped up and chucked in.  They have them for breakie or snacks, in packed lunches and for dessert with custard. 

I also have a glut of frozen brambles. I grab a handful of these to chuck in to muffins if I don't have quite enough other leftover fruit. Apples or  banana goes into bread though I have thrown some into a muffin. It worked well.  

I would like to be able to make flap jacks. Mine either fall apart or go super hard. What am I doing wrong?

Savoury wise my left over use it up recipes are often:
  • Soup
  • Mince
  • Curry
I have a stash of Maysan Curry paste. It's hard to get in the south of the country but it was a staple when I lived in the north. I ordered some from Amazon. Its  just like Chinese style curry that you buy from a take away. All veg or meat can be chucked in. Simple and effective.
Maysan curry paste and Makway curry powder  NO stockists in the south east according to their product map. It's great for fakeaways. Can't beat it.  I make and deep fry chips some times to go with it as well as rice for Friday night fake it food. 

Mince- I plump this out with grated carrot, leek, squishy mushrooms. turnip, swede, celery or what ever left over veg we have.  Simple mince and tatties bulked out can stretch for three nights meals, same with bolognese or ragu and meat chilli base. I could make burgers but too much faff and I prefer to stretch out the mince as far as is possible. Kids not keen on burgers anyway- shop bought or  home made. Mince works.

Cabbage I chop and stir fry with some garlic and dried chilli's as a side dish. 

Soup is fab. Pea soup is my kids favourite especially with cheese scones to dip into it. Its the bright green I think that makes it so attractive to them. Alien soup.  I make it with frozen peas. I wonder if I could do the same with sweet corn? I may experiment. The husks would need straining I think. 

I can add left over ham or bacon or gammon to pea soup or any veg or lentil soup and blend it all up but if I don't have meat then its fine just with peas and veg. 

Veg soup, lentil soup, blended or chunky, throw in some pasta etc, etc.  Thai curry soup made from left over Thai curry sauce is also  a big winner with both kids and adults. I cool some down to be palatable  and add in some noodles for boy Thats spicey hotness not temp  btw. It makes it easier for him to manoeuvre. 

 I can also knock up stews, and stir fries and non mince pasta dishes. I try to have a rough plan then use up what's left and getting a bit rancid at the edges.

I would like to get the flap jacks off pat. They are useful  for Biggles who is rubbish at breakfast. He will take a slice of banana bread and says he would also take flap jacks. His eating habits are a bit naff  to be honest. Just habits he has been allowed to form since childhood. He really needs to up his veg and fruit intake but its like talking to a brick wall. Who doesn't eat fruit at least once a day? An apple as part of lunch? I used to take three pieces to fruit to work each day and a sandwich.  Satsuma, apple and banana being the easiest to grab. I blame his mother.

I figure eating is partly what you need to eat and also a bit of indulgence. He has too much indulgence.


  1. Biggles might like to try these for brekkie on the go - http://seeingmeproject.com/quick-delicious-overnight-oats/?utm_source=enewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=panel3&utm_content=overnightoats&utm_campaign=SFG_MI_1735_SAT_AL_ALL_ALL_1004_MWK

  2. I'll take a peek. Thanks

  3. Well in a way banana bread is a fruit. Can't get my husband to eat fruit either, but I've got him hooked on salads and I throw in everything but the kitchen sink.