Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Eating dinner as a family via Skype and other oddities.

So we all ate together tonight. All four of us. Biggles joined us via Skpe. It was kinda cute but the kids are showing the cracks. The missing Dad is setting in. Small boy was not initially impressed with the phone pic of Daddy and got quite upset. He came round after a while. Instead of making a big fuss about talking to Daddy I just let them get on with what they were doing.  We got to chat instead and sort out the mundane things like renewing out forces house insurance.(It covers his kit and uniforms. The dress uniforms would be a real pain and expensive to replace.)

Small boy came round after a while and interacted. Tweeny girl was a bit non plussed.  The novelty has worn off. The time difference and his shift pattern mean he is shattered and ready for sleep when we speak at 1600. Hopefully in the future when the shift pattern changes we can sync for guitar practise for Tweeny girl at least. On Sunday he was able to help her with her maths homework which was nice.

We ended up eating dinner together with Biggles propped up against the condiments. The four way general conversation was a bit odd to begin with but nice.  Biggles had eaten. All praise was given for the eating of peas and sweetcorn.

Easter hols are on the horizon.Considering going away. When Biggles was away last time Tweeny was small and we lived much closer to family. Now we are 7hrs away. I'd like to take the kids to Scotland to see family but the drive puts me off. We have the dog to consider too.  Maybe I will break my journey in to  a few places. It will still be an epic hike.  Where there is a will! I shall endeavour to problem solve and find hound friendly hotels.

Biggles is back to the gym. I need to up the exercise and diet else he will come back all buff to a chubby unfit Mrs who is twice his size.

When they bugger off on detachment aka deployment they nominate a friend to check up on you to make sure you are ok.  Biggles mate contacted me to see if we need anything, how we are doing etc. The gist of the conversation via email and text was:

  • I have less washing
  • I don't need to cook as much
  • I shop less
  • The bed is all mine
  • The house is tidier
  • I don't need to sit through re runs of Top Gear or QI, or tolerate the new Jeremy Clarkson programme being streamed through Amazon on to the TV in the lounge. 
  • I have posted out his England Rubgy shirt as requested. 

  • The kids miss him
  • The dog misses him
  • I am responsible for cutting the grass and so I also miss him. lol

It was nice of said chap to drop me a line so soon. He will probably call at some point too. He's a nice chap.

I am starting to miss the company and someone to moan with about the world and goings on but its ok. Its not a war zone like I have said previously, so coms are frequent and uninterrupted and we can also Skype which we couldn't last time. And less worry obviously.

R and R isn't too far away. I'll keep that one quiet and surprise the kids I reckon

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