Friday, 10 March 2017

Hoping steroids and Mummy's bed work their magic.

So we need to get the dog out tomorrow as we have been invited to a Purim party on Sunday.  Kids dress up in a carnival style and party. We have costumes. We quite like this sort of silliness.  The dog will need out. Hopefully if Small boy is up to it and a little less sleepy we could manage a quick blast at Chobham common.

No beef on Sunday. We will be eating at the party or the dreaded happy meals at McDonald's. I am not lugging additional food on a British Rail train and then on to Stoke Newington via the underground. I will have the buggy and costumes and stuff. It will be more than enough to lug around. I can overlook a happy meal. Its a vegetarian party menu. We all bring a strictly veggie dish. Some folk keep kosher so its best and easier to avoid meat products.

Its a very progressive community. My chum wouldn't be part of it otherwise. Wish I could find some progressive catholics lol. I love some religious traditions, stories etc and have wonderful memories of the community when I was younger. Just not so much as I grown older. Too much I have to pretend not to hear. Ahh well.

I quoted another blogger to my chum. Said blogger is Israeli, and describes Purim as 'another Spring Equinox type festival  with a Jewish myth attached that runs some thing along the lines of  'They tried to kill us, we won thanks to a miracle. We eat' (sic). My friend laughed. I taught her what to say in a confessional when we were younger and she taught me the words and moves to Hava Nagilla. She got the short straw clearly. Hava Nagila is much more fun.  We joke a lot. She is my token Jewish friend and I am her token left footer catholic friend.  She's not and neither am I but we pretend.  Love her dearly.

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