Thursday, 2 March 2017

How did I used to do this and work....

Feeling a bit tired this evening. Glad I am not working full time with two kids and a dog and on my own. I wouldn't have the dog and Tweeny girls extra curricula would be weekends only. The small boy went to a butterfly park to day so the dog got a good romp, the house was cleaned, dinner made, jobs done while I waited in for the not appearing tree surgeon.  This meant I shopped while Tweeny went to dance and drama class. Worked well it was quiet at Aldi. I managed to get home, put the shopping away and collect the dog so that we could have a second walk with Small boy.

We hunted for the Gruffallo with monster fighting sticks as the light faded. The dog romped and put the fear of god into a jogger who was cross country running off the beaten path. She is all bark and very protective of her pack. She would never snap. Just makes a lot of noise.

Dinner - we are cooking once and having ding cuisine the second day one a week on average. I made angry chicken and pasta which will be re cycled tomorrow with garlic bread tomorrow.  I had some frozen wine cubes in the freezer. I made the usual bulk. The kids were ravenous but there is still enough to be eeked out tomorrow,

Scones and Banana cake still going down well.

Tomorrow given that things are going ok, I shall start on increasing the exercise out put by putting boy in the back pack and walking to school and doing out jobs along the high street. Dog will get a mooch in the afternoon.

School run, jobs and maybe Rhyme time at the library.


  1. Sounds like you got a lot done, have a little, plus a dog can definitely slow you down.

  2. We are plodding through. The beautiful hound though I adore her would have been rehomed with my in laws if I was on my own permanently and had to work ft. She would be the one to lose our the most and it would not be fair. As it is we can walk her ok and she has company all day so we are good.:-) take care. X