Monday, 6 March 2017

Monday monday after the weekend

First weekend on our own. We headed to Woodham Common for a simple picnic. Was ok. Fun for the kids as it's a wood. Lots of branches and exploring but not great for the dog.  It's triangular shaped with visible roads and busy traffic on both sides.
We have decided on Chobham Common for next week. Looks much larger and the dog can get a decent run. I miss vast expanses of space. Less abundant in the suburban greenbelt of that London.

Popcorn  n Movies, more local woody walks near the river and it's Monday again. 

Mince and tatties is our twice meal this week. Sunday and Monday with frozen broccoli, carrots and frozen Yorkshire's.

No point in making a batch when we only want 4. They are Everyday Value from Aldi. 48p for 15 puds so I am not complaining. 3p each or so.   The frozen broccoli is surprisingly good. 

We made left over fruit muffins today.  I had picked out and frozen some squishy blueberries. I added some brambles from the scavenged frozen stash and a few raisins. We have fruity cakey for the boy. The girl may eat them with custard. 

The small boy has a big boys bed. He goes to sleep quite the thing but wakes and won't go back to sleep until I put him back in bed and after a quick kiss. I have to sleep on the floor in his room on the cot mattress on the floor or he gets up again several times. 

It's a pain. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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