Sunday, 12 March 2017

Purim on Sunday

Long day. Kids had fun. Learnt about Queen  Esther. Tweeny girl impressed with the stories about girls. The schlep to Stoke Newington was hard work:  train, underground, bus and lots of lifts. We stopped off for Mcdonalds on the way home. Treat fir the kids. Lunch was lovely for me. Tweeny less so as she doesn't do much in the ways if vegetarian grub. I live it.  Small boy eats veggie ok. 
Mcds is the devils food and only tolerable for treats. Small girl chose the chicken strips, dips, fries and a Milkshake.  Small boy got a Mcreconstituted chicken nugget happy meal. I got a diet coke. Only spent 8.75 so no harm done really.

I have now  worked out how to get to King's Cross and Euston and Victoria without the stress of stairs with a buggy, smallish bags and another child.  There are possibilities for weekends away to Scotland. It's a maybe of I can get a dog sitter or walker.I don't want to do kennels.

A late train going there and some downloaded films may help.  Walking up and down the carriage, drawing and books. Maybe for the right price..... I shall investigate.

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