Sunday, 19 March 2017


Changed a nappy
Opened curtains
Made beds
Got dressed, got small boy dressed
Shouted at children for spitting water at each other. 9 and 2 -
Changed small boy
Opened curtains downstairs
Let dog out
Picked up dog poo
Washed hands
Turned on TV
Made coffee and juice
Made porridge and a sausage sandwich for Tweeny
Collected in washing
emptied dish washer
Began refilling dishwasher
Swept the kitchen floor
Got out more muffins and cake to defrost.
Helped tweeny with Maths homework
Emptied out under stairs cupboard and re stacked - sorting out coats and scarves as I went. We now have better access to the coats and jackets we need in this more spring like weather
Arranged to return one package to Ebay and arranged to return one package to an Amazon seller. I have to pay for postage but still.
printed off NHS bursary application - all 60 odd pages. This needs quiet time to complete.
Made a cup of tea and had a slice of cake.
It is 1155.

Typed blog.
The day is dreak and grey. The dog needs a run. I had intended doing some gardening. I may only plant a plant in a pot and scurry away inside and contend my self with sewing.

We will pop to the park at about 3pm I think post the boys typical nap.

Sunday dinner today but with boneless skinless chicken thighs. We eat late. So around 6pm ish.

Off to spend some time with my children, albeit indoors.

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