Thursday, 16 March 2017

This week has flown...

 After taking Tweeny girl to school on Tuesday Small boy and I had some time to kill until his toddler group began. We popped into two of the five charity ships on the tiny high street where we live. I managed to pick up a Gap waterproof jacket for Tweeny (£5 Yes expensive but good nick and she desperately needs a light weight waterproof that will fit over her clothes.), a pair of jeans for Small boy-75p, a mini tool set for £1 for boy and he got to choose a dragon from the 50p toy box. I snaffled from the sale rail  - all priced 50p and £1 a jumper, top and material type trench coat. 

In theory small boy was supposed to use his new tool kit complete with spanner and screwdriver to help me finish off the trampoline. It kinda worked for a bit but he soon wanted to  use the grown up tools. Nevertheless the trampoline is good to go. Just need some foam tubes to cover the metal poles that hold the net up. 

In other news we have done the following:

Lots of dog walks, 
Ate the first ice cream  of the season from the ice cream van outside of school
Cleaned the house
Made some lists
Baked more muffins
Ate leftover soup made from Christmas dinner vegetable left overs - was lovely. 
Made cheese scones
Cut the grass
Went shopping to Aldi
Moved a table
Hung a wall hanging using bamboo and wire
Went to work and made more muffins
Posted birthday cards
Took Weeny girl to the docs
Wormed the dog after a quick vet check
Filled the car up with petrol
Ferried kids to activities - Tweeny - guitar and dance.
Went to three garden centres - one trip was to return items.
Helped Tweeny with her homework

I have a spring clean groove on. Looking forward to Easter so we can get stuck in to some cleaning and washing and sorting out of stuff.

Small boys birthday list

Paw patrol items - poster to buy
Play doh- Argos is cheap enough
Kitchen - Freecycled only had to buy some accessories to cook with.
Sand for his sand pit - Argos is cheap enough.

We will have a small house party with his grandparents who are visiting. 

 I bought sunflower seeds and carrots for us to grow. i\ have some wild flower seeds to sow too. I think Sunday if it's a nice day we will garden and bounce. maybe try to make bread. 


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