Thursday, 9 March 2017

Wasted but productive days.

Chicken Curry. Enough for two nights. Tomorrow I make real chips. 
Productive days baking. Lots of breakfast muffins  and Banana Bread. Mostly all in freezer to be removed on a daily basis. I will win the next few battles of the pop tart. 
Well I waited in for the  Estate management company's tree surgeon. I rang to check that they were still coming. No sign of them. I will be furious tomorrow. Instead I trimmed the grass. It's been about ten days since its last cut. I hope I can do this regularly. Makes it quick and easy. I will sow some grass in May. The lawn was terrible when we moved in last June. This is actually an improvement. Wunda Dog in the pic of course. 

 Tweenys wind hanging. This is about 5 years old. I still love it.  We have a glut of beads again. I need to find some plastic thread or some wirey type stuff. Am sure we can create something over the holidays. 
Given I spent the day indoors me and the tiny ginger thug went shopping while girl was at her performing arts class. I have a two hour window including drop off and collection so we rush. Walton on Thames is very close and Aldi is quiet at this time so no stress with parking.

Leeks were on offer as part of their big 6. I purchased some. I now need to do something interesting with leeks other than put them in soup.

I shall ponder it.

We have pizza and popcorn for Saturday night. Sunday,  I may indulge in some beef if I find a nice cut at the local butchers. Just for me and Tweeny and boy.

I hope to get our trampoline base put together at the weekend.  Not a simple task when there is only one of you and kids running around but heyho. Solutions not problems!!!

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