Friday, 12 May 2017

Spring Sprung

The last of the wild spring flowers scavenged from off the beaten track. I don't take them from public places. This was the last bunch. The kids enjoy picking them and exploring place to find them. Simple pleasures. 
Ducklings  Squeeeeeeeee!
My favourite view of London from St James Park. We visited at Easter. We walked  a lot. Horse guards. Big Ben, the bridges, the parks are all free. As are many of the museums.  We took a picnic. (We are also members of the Natural History Museum but the weather was acceptable for Easter so we braved outside. We love the NHM so it was worth supporting it  by becoming members.  We get to queue jump, we get the special exhibitions for free and also the cloakroom. We have made our  money back already with two trips. We need the cloakroom  for the picnic stuff, buggy, coats etc.   We also get money off at any of the shops and a magazine.) London doesn't have to be expensive and can be a really cheap day out as long as you stay away from the expensive activities and the tourist tat. We stretch to an ice cream as a treat or if it is a really long day we will do McDonald's or other skank food outlet on the way home if no more picnic food remains.  We are 16 stops away on the train and it takes about an hour to get to Waterloo. Sometimes we wont get back till way  after 6 and kids get hungry.  Generally though the picnic does the job.  Trains leave either every 30 mins or 60 mins depending on the day.

Kendo gurl! 
Tree climbing 101. Small boy and wunda dog. We walk every day. We have a few local walks to choose from.

Still baking, shopping at Aldi,  charity shops, eeking out meals, freezing etc. Life ticks along quite comfortably. Biggles home for R & R soon.  We need to work out a plan. financial and life. Given the state of the government and its self serving poor bashing obsession we need to insure against this for us and our kids, work out a way to get back to the country, save more, etc.

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  1. It's nice to enjoy the nature with kids and family. Love to see those photos!

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