Sunday, 3 December 2017


I wrote this and never posted it. Way out of date now  but it was a good trip. Camping was hard work with both kids. Tweeny wanted to play with her new found friends when at times I needed her to help supervise the small boy - tent erection and putting away and cooking. Other than that it was a blast. We took in parts of Derbyshire, Rivelin Valley country park, saw Grandma, went open air swimming in Hathersage, explored caves in Castleton, had afternoon tea and went to a family party and went to Magna, the science centre.

Glad we did it. Dog came too but stayed with Grandma who  has dogs. 
Chose a basic but nice campsite which kept costs down. Ate breakfast at the campsite and took sandwiches for lunch. Ate at Grandmas and ate out as well. Cheap eating out - Fish and chips were a treat and it wasn't too expensive for one large fish and chips which fed all of us. 

We could have eaten at the campsite more often and would have done if Biggles had been with us.  Was hard work with the 2 year old even with an electric hookup.  They played till late at night 8pm ish before bed. Fell in with the other kids who were camping. 

Rivelin Valley country park is free. Magna is a 12 month pass. The Peak district was lovely. Lots of views and moorland to explore. Outdoor swimming at Hathersage is expensive but for novelty value we stretched to it. Also paid for the Speedwell boat trip in the cave and the Devils Arse at Castleton.  We didn't get to the castle. Buggies and a steep single track don't mix and the small boy wouldn't have made it far. 

Lovely fish and chips in Castleton for being inland and no where near the sea and a reasonable price. 

 The electric hook up was great to have. We had downloaded films to some tablets which kept Small boy amused when necessary and also gave us something to watch other than reading books in bed and its something we can all do together. . Great addition for the car though especially in M1 traffic jams. 

Glad we did it. Camping is great fun.

We wont be going again until 2019. I have  work/study starting soon.

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