Sunday, 3 December 2017


Back to work after new year so have tried to do as much as possible online and avoid shops. We have grandparents this year. I don't know if I will be able to do it next year. See how things go.

I am organised. Decs are up. I plan on wrapping etc and baking for the freezer this week if I can. I have a wreath to make and we need to fit in a Santa visit and have numerous pantomime rehearsals for Tweeny girl. We have a trip to Yorkshire arranged and hope to fit in seeing my bud visiting from abroad and also fit in Winter Wonderland.Phew....enough already! Wont be doing as much next year I fear.

As ever have purchased used where we could. Tweeny girl asks for books and knows she will get 2nd hand. She gets more books that way. She likes Jacqueline Wilson. Yes we could use the library however she takes a long time to finish a book. She has a school book to read, her own book, scripts and routines to learn for theatre group and homework and tutoring as well as guitar practise and swimming. She reads a few pages at night before lights out. Library would take forever.

Small boy has second hand plastic figurines. I wont buy new. Plastic is horrible and its way cheaper on  eBay.  He is also getting an easel plus paints and a bike from grandma. They kids do quite well at xmas. The only things Tweeny has asked for is a book on snakes, a mobile phone for when she walks to and home from theatre group ( Alcatel not a posh smart phone or Iphone - its £60 and likely to get broken) and some Jac wilson books. She has some other bits as well. like shoes, underwear, earrings. She has her ears pierced.

I have spread out the gifts between Xmas and her birthday and also have some eBay bargains to put away for the small boy who was born in April.

Sadly I indulged in Amazon. horrible tax and working practices, Tesco online delivery, local butchers, green grocers and Aldi, eBay and charity shops.  Next year it may all be Tesco and Amazon and Ebay.

I have become a fan of the xmas jumper. It solves so many problems on xmas day and eve.  We all have one. Tweeny has inherited mine and is happy. It was a bit small for me.  I have picked up second hand ones for small boy. No need for new clothes for xmas. Always wondered why people went for the new outfit.

We are baking Banana bread. brownies and shortbread biscuits and making pavlova as demanded by Biggles.

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