Sunday, 3 December 2017

Five frugal things

New coat - Debenhams Classic collection on grey - £8 In great condition. There are often benefits to living in Surrey.  I only buy new underwear tbh. I have Joules wellies, nice new jeans that were unworn... The kids are not adverse to second hand either. Even Tweeny she understands why and doesn't mind from time to time as long as she likes the style.

Haircut in Yorkshire booked. Cheaper than Surrey and the same quality, may even be better. I just have to put up with unruly hair for a while and be patient. I like the hairdresser and have been to the hairdresser in question several times before.

Scavenged xmas wreath. I use cuttings from the garden. estate and local park. Have been doing this for years. Easy way is to use a wreath oasis but some bendy wire works just as well.

Home made recycled present labels. Last years cards have been cut up with pinking shears. I shall look to purchase xmas paper and cards in January.

Soup - time for another batch. I had collected the stems of broccoli, cauliflower and bendy carrots for a while. I throw them in a bag in the freezer. Hand full of lentils, onion, stock cube, old spuds - chop, sweat. boil and stew add in your spices. Biggles likes chilli powder and cumin and curry flavours. Best second day with bread and can be frozen.

I'll get round to pics

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