Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Most of December not Inc Christmas in pics

 Homemade scavenged wreath. Cheap Oasis and hair pins.
 Photo op! Selfie Sleigh in a local shopping centre
 A view I love and am seeing more often. Siblings xxx
 Family tree - more baubles needed!
 Tweeny girl desired a tree. We waited and found one second hand and bought pre loved baubles
 Birthday practice pavlova
 Christmas lights in Carnaby Street Oxford Street were so tasteful they were dull!
 Happy birthday Dad. Love you. Xx

Still have a bit  to do..Baking with kids , general clean before the relatives arrive.   Hopefully fit in a few festive trips-  ice skating and maybe an open air swim!
Tweeny wants to make rocky road and xmas biscuits.

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