Monday, 25 December 2017

Xmas is done!

We baked loads... biscuits, Rocky Road, Brownies, Banana bread... 
 We mull our own with star anise, cloves, Cinnamon, sugar and citrus. Lovely!
 Some snowy visitor came down our 'chimney'.
 Cheap bucks fizz type liquid breakfast
 Pandoro - like panatone but plain. A tradition picked up from Italy.  These are lovely!
 The napkins were a Tesco substitute. Not my choice but all good.
The Christmas Pavlova to finish.

Visitors were unavoidably delayed and due to ill health couldn't come. Long story with a reasonable non sad ending.

Kids had a great day.  Off walking tomorrow if the weather holds.

In money saving/frugal style I have collected up gift bags to be reused. I gsaved the ribbon from the xmas crackers and other parcels.  This will be used next year. Our huge chicken has been stripped for dog treats and for curry.
Some gifts have been put away for regifting.

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