Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday things...

1.As it was just me and the sproggolinis this week meals were super easy. We made mind stretch two days. I made a thai curry, the left overs of which I turned into enough soup for the following day. We had our on toast meal as we are won't to do and enjoy when  'he who must be fed' is away. What we have tonight I am not sure. Still debating as HWMBF aka Biggles is home.

2.I have epilated. That's the hardest part is getting started with the epilator. From now on I will hardly need a razor. It cost in electricity  but very little. I had the set sitting around and it was a bit of a waste not to use it.

3. Ebay Jeans - My fav jeans originally second hand developed a hole. An fixable one which rendered then quite filthy. Cant even turn them into shorts. Replaced with a new pair for the same price as they were second hand from Ebay.

4. Defrosted frozen homemade cake for treats. Vegan Banana bread ( Jack Monroe recipe) freezes and defrosts really well.

5. Spent £35 at Aldi for the week. This included school pack lunch supplies, fresh food, bread, nappies and milk for the toddler monster. I spent some extra money on Lacura moisturiser which so far is rather nice. It's not necessarily frugal to spend on extra s but the choice of l.acura is considered.

Next week is the birthday week for the 9yr old to be. I have her gifts mostly sitting up stairs. Need some party bits and a card for her for next week.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

January and being on my todd.

Moisturise - ,mostly but I need some lighter day moisturiser. I only have night cream which is making my skin break out. Aldi it is methinks.
Take supplements - ongoing
Exercise- dog walking is about it so far. I have downloaded some exercise vids. I shall endeavour to give it a go.
Epilate! - first session on Tuesday when I have enough growth. I am not looking forward to it. It hurts a lot the first time you do it.
Organise photos - so far so good. I have the kids photos organised and in albums. I have others that I need to print off and frame. Some we have already and I need more frames.
Begin masters reading - to be thought about after March. I have another application to  complete about this time. I have a potential reading list.

Biggles is away for four days this week and next week. Bit of a trial run before he buggers off for the long stint. I have a babysitter arranged for Wednesday and next Wednesday. See how it goes.  Hopefully I will be able to keep up with work. Its only one night a week.

The kids and I had mince and tatties with veg and Yorkshire's today. One meal for four of us or rather 3 of us can be eeked out for two days with extra veg. We will be eating the same tomorrow.

We will have an eggy bread dinner this week as well, soup and stir fry. Biggles home late Thursday.

Am not looking forward to being on my own down here in the deep south, Too far from friends. I can pop and see folk in the big smoke but I'm not really popping and I have to think about the dog. Its a bit of an epic journey with boy and the buggy and tweeny girl to navigate South Western trains and then the underground to friends houses or mid way meet ups in the centre of town.

Ah well we will get by. I may need to start ringing people again.I  have realised that I don't do that much anymore. I use social media and messaging. Not really the same.

Aldi tomorrow, Kids need their fresh fruit and veg.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Restocking of eveything and a 9th birthday.

I restocked. We needed pretty much everything from loo roll to soap powder to cleaning products to bacon and baked beans. I also purchased a new wok. All from Aldi. 

We are restocked. Ready for packed lunches and back to normal dinners. 

I plan on making Biggles favourite grub as often as possible before he buggers off. He will have American air force cuisine - over cooked, additive laden rubbish for 6mths. 
We have enough for fish pie at least twice, lemon chicken pieces, carbonara, Thai curry etc etc

Tweeny girl has requested my disgustingly rich and fattening brownies instead of birthday cake. She is 9 in a few weeks. 
She is having a bit of a doo with four friends - Cinema and McDonald's then back for cake. Not cheap for 5 kids but she doesn't have much in the way of play dates here or any playing out with local kids, Its not that type of place. She does do extra curricula once a week and we will try to increase this again with something at school as its cheap. She was doing choir but isn't as keen now that xmas is over. 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

I resolve to...

take supplements

organise photos

begin masters reading

Added a few. I have an epilator. I should use it and save money. Moisturise is self explanatory.

Back to normal, whatever that is....

Tree gone, last of the food is being eaten, We will eat in the kitchen again from now on and not in the dining room. The table goes back to homework purposes. 

We don't have long. Biggles is away next weekend  leaves Sunday and returns Thursday then repeats again the following week. 

Tweeny girl would like birthday events when he returns- a family event and one for her friends. 

Am thinking the cinema and then KFC for a few of her chums then back to ours for cake. 

I must get on with the invitations- will be in the pc and printed off for cheapness. 

Still miffed than we will not be camping this year. I cant see me managing with the toddler on my own. Not safely anyway. Such a pity. Maybe I ll consider a caravan holiday or something. 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The inbetween days..

The bit after boxing day but before new year when you forget which day it is and don't know what to do with your self. Those ones... Neither of us are working over xmas. Not back till the 3rd, 4th and 11th. We have said fare well to the relatives, watched Christmas movies, ventured out of the house for walks and such We had wanted to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park today for tweeny girl but we all have head colds. Nothing major but we don't want to be outside in the cold and with a whingy toddler to boot. Maybe tomorrow or NYE.

We have made soup with leftovers, frozen chicken pieces from our roast beast and pretty much lived out of our freezer rather well. The kids did disgustingly well from xmas. I have a stash of presents that I can re gift too. I have stashed remnants that can be reused, and have begun to remove the decorations slowly and sneakily.

As soon as January hits we are on countdown to Biggles leaving so are all a bit depressed to be honest. He will be away on courses for at least two weeks in January. He will take off two weeks from work prior to leaving for the middle east in Feb.

Normally at this time of year we would plan trips away and visits and holidays. Look for bargains, consider camping etc (Last year we did this in Italy of course) I could still do this but its all a little harder being so far away from relatives and good friends. If I was in the North East I wouldn't mind so much but we are South West of London. Easier to get to the South Coast than the North. 6hrsm plus  of driving with a demanding toddler who doesn't travel well IE sleep in the car, fills me with dread.

I also have our hound to think of. I will need to walk her everyday and will do this with small boy in either a back pack or buggy. We may be better just staying put and doing local day trip things.

I shall ponder. I also have resolutions or rather tasks for 2017 to list.

Simple ones
Exercise more -  dvd or some thing may be more practical to be honest. No child care for gyms or classes on a regular basis
Take my supplements regularly especially the omega 3 fish oils.
Organise my photographs and get some printed out for keepsakes. I have a fear or losing everything digitally despite having back ups.
Begin my masters reading.

Its not too hard I suppose. I do exercise dog walking each day.

I shall continue sniffling hibernation till I hit 44. Yes NYE birthday.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Traditions

Quick post as it's 0039 Christmas day!

We have our own prefered routine at Christmas and traditions if you wish.

We do our own food. We eat chicken not Turkey. We don't like it and it's too big with too much waste for us.

Only I eat Christmas Cake and Mince pies and Pudding.  So I eat them as a treat as Costa with a coffee. :-) Instead I make super rich hazelnut choc brownies and Shortbread. I always bake these with the kids. We try not to buy in too much shop made stuff.  For pudding we have home made pavlova.

The kids have a final advent calendar  clue led hunt for the last chocolate.

We try to scavenge the materials for a Christmas wreath prior to Crimbo.

Hmmm We went to Mass this year. Normally before Italy we tried to take in a Christmas  service or carols.

I have always threatened to make the kids wait to open their wrapped presents till after dinner. This year due to the excessI've presents I am doing it. They have Santa presents then a large bag from relatives to open then presents under the tree from us. See pics.

If we lived by the coast a beach walk would be order of the day.

The dog will still require a quick trot out.

Next year we won't do cards and give to Charity instead.

The excess - not from us!
 Santa child 1
 Santa child 2
Pressies under the tree for us and the kids to be opened after dinner.