Monday, 27 March 2017

Garden ornaments and pinterest.

Tweeny and I are using up household junk and scavenged detritus like shells and pebbles and other stuff to decorate our sparse, dull and boring garden.
We are considering:
Tealight jam jars decorated with beads
Tin can wind chimes
Drift wood seashell wind chimes
Painted rocks/ painted concrete remnants.
Random tin can and metal chimes
Knife and fork chimes
We are amassing a stash of:
Tin cans
Bottle tops
Garden wire
Wooden bits
Old jewellery for chains and beads etc

All a bit randomly put  together. Pin interest is great for ideas.
We have bought some bells and actual metal chimes from eBay for a few quid. I bought garden wire. All in its about  £12 including wicks. We won't be purchasing anything else. Make do, scavenge, repurpose, freecycle and recycle. 
We hope to make candles too. Have bought the wicks and will use crayons and old bits of wax from tea lights and set them in silicon moulds we already have. 

These are our efforts so far. It's good to do stuff. Neither of us are arty. Like our baking and this blog, it's the process nit the end result. No mastery

Sunday, 26 March 2017

EE BT Sport 3mth free deal Moto GP

Pretty much what it says. If you are an WE customer and like motorbike racing you can get 3 mths free access to the BT sport app. You need WiFi of course. You can watch on your TV if you have a smart TV or your lap top if you can do those techy things.

I only like Moto GP. Season is March to November.  After the three months it's £5 per month. Cheaper than paying for the channel or Moto GP pass.

Biggles pays for BT Sport for  the season and casts it to the TV. He'll be back in August so it's only about £20 I will have to pay for the season. £100+ on MotoGP app.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Earth Hour.

We built a robot during Earth hour. Lit candles in the kitchen and got out some of the recycling boxes I 2as saving for model making. Just a fun quick thing to do.
We can still recycle it. We will recycle more esp the bathroom  rubbish. Two bins needed. We will walk more in nice weather too.

Quite enjoying the domestic hiatus for once.

Italy was a bit too full on domesticity. I am quite enjoying myself here however.  I have enough to keep me busy and its not forever. I have something on the horizon for the future.

Still baking, gardeningish and getting on with it. Lists are being ticked. Kids are joining in.

Taking pleasure in it too.

I have some applications coming up. I need to complete them next Thursday when Small boy goes to a childminder for the day.

Earth hour to night and we will bath by candle light and play hide and seek. Resolve to recycle more. The bathroom rubbish is a point of contention. We should do more with it. So often it is al chucked away in one. At least the boxes and paper and plastic bottles should be sorted.  I'll see what Tweeny girl comes up with too.

Enjoy Mothering Sunday. We are not doign anything in particular. I have a small £5.11 0.83kg Joint of beef to roast.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Busy. Idle hands I have not.

Baking, mending, sorting, decluttering, dig walking, child care, domestic stuff, form filling and banking.

I have a jobs list much of which is spring cleaning or rather spring sorting. I  getting through it. Removing items that are accomplished then adding more when I see or come across something that needs doing. Some of it is fun. Others are just a drag.
Tis the way of the crumbling cookie.
More to do tomorrow. I need to make the most of the nice weather.

Once we have popped put for items - I want to- make headway with the garden planting and maybe wash some reachable windows, get some washing hung out..

Fingers crossed.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Monday list

Made beds
Got kids dressed
Washing put on
School run
Dog walk
Washing hung out inside due to grey clouds
Dishwasher emptied
Banking paper work completed
Form filling and administration
The above interspersed with playing with small boy.
Various phone calls
Nap with boy. I can see the cuddle time diminishing already. Childhood is fleeting.
School run
Snack time
Guitar lesson
Tea time
Cup of tea
Fill dishwasher
Tidy up
Bedtime routine
Prep for tomorrow
Sorted through bed linen, towels and tidied shelves.
Filled a bin bag with old kids clothes for Tweeny girls school's clothes drive.

Peace and quiet.

That's a few more spring cleaning jobs ticked off the list and I'm a bit more organised. Doing little bits when I can.

Toddler group and the post office tomorrow, afternoon dog walk and ice cream on the way home from school maybe...

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The fourth garden since 2010.

It's not out garden. We have it for three years. I don't want to spend much on it. We have spent enough already. The reed screening was enough given that it's not ours.

Basically to justify any garden improvements they need to be considered against the following:
Cheap/low cost
Fun and simple for the kids
Low maintenance

I would love to garden properly and invest in plants and veg etc. Moving in three years and living in rental accommodation it seems  bit pointless.

I have lawn seed. We have muddy a d bald patches. I see lawn as practical.  Makes the outside more accessible and less dirt to be walked in for/by kids and dog

Screening- discourages nosey parkers and I'm more likely to use the garden with the kids and I have more privacy in the living room. You could look straight in. It's a dark house naturally so closing the curtains was quite depressing

Container plant is for the front of the house. We can  take it with us when we move. Was 7.99. Low maintenance and I already had the pot. The front of the house is horrendously dull.

I was given these packets of seeds - English and Scottish Wildflowers.

Oh a whim I have purchased carrot seeds and sunflower seeds.

Where should I plant/grow these seeds. I have a scrubby grassed areas that was likely once a flower bed.

I have the corner plot, the concrete trough and a long window box plastic planter.

The corner plot.
Whats this stuff ? Is it likely to climb? Is is an horrendous weed? I have no clue. The plot needs turning over and putting back to soil. Its a job for a nice day. 

These concrete chunks were all over the corner plot pretending to be a rockery. It was awful. I dug them out and chucked them under the hedge which has been given a number 1 buzz cut back to the bone. It was a monster when we moved in. Same with the other side. Hopeful they will grow back nicer and more luscious. Check the patchy bits of grass. 

Plastic freecycled garden chairs and table. Lots of freecycled garden toys and a shell sandpit from Grandma. I will get sand for it this year. 

The concrete trough I have pulled out the obvious weeds and covered the soil from sunlight in a effort to slow down the weeds. I will pull out the weeds before planting. 

This bush has nice yellow flowers in the winter. Don't know what it's called? This little dude was one of our bad taste Valentines presents. He has lived in Italy and made it back in one piece. Hes one of the severn dwarf's I think, or supposed to be. 

Tweenys hanging thing made many years ago. We should make more as we have loads of old beads and stuff.  This shell mirror is a vile ceramic thing. I wouldn't have it in the house. I chose to hang it out side. Its quite useful if you want to check you have no twigs in your hair. Small pink tin bucket was found in the garden. I may use this as a base of another hanging made with the kids.  That's the plant I bought and re potted just peeking up from the bottom there.

The other side of the garden. Lots of patchy lawn area and scrub where the hedge has been cut back.

I have purchased two packs of carrots. Where should I grow them? Concrete trough? Could I chuck in some seeding potatoes as well? What else could I chuck in for fun? Cheap and cheerful and simple to grow.

I bough these as well. Where do you think? The corner plot once I have dug it over and covered it with compost?

I was either given or sent these wild flowers for free. Corner plot?

 Any advice about that plot in the corner would be greatly appreciated. Its a pain the back side. Should I weed kill first then dig out? I have no idea for areas such as this.
Is that thing a weed?
Any tips for patching up the lawn? 
Flowers in the corner plot or in the concrete trough? 
What's that thing in the corner?  Weed or not?