Monday, 27 March 2017

Garden ornaments and pinterest.

Tweeny and I are using up household junk and scavenged detritus like shells and pebbles and other stuff to decorate our sparse, dull and boring garden.
We are considering:
Tealight jam jars decorated with beads
Tin can wind chimes
Drift wood seashell wind chimes
Painted rocks/ painted concrete remnants.
Random tin can and metal chimes
Knife and fork chimes
We are amassing a stash of:
Tin cans
Bottle tops
Garden wire
Wooden bits
Old jewellery for chains and beads etc

All a bit randomly put  together. Pin interest is great for ideas.
We have bought some bells and actual metal chimes from eBay for a few quid. I bought garden wire. All in its about  £12 including wicks. We won't be purchasing anything else. Make do, scavenge, repurpose, freecycle and recycle. 
We hope to make candles too. Have bought the wicks and will use crayons and old bits of wax from tea lights and set them in silicon moulds we already have. 

These are our efforts so far. It's good to do stuff. Neither of us are arty. Like our baking and this blog, it's the process nit the end result. No mastery

Sunday, 26 March 2017

EE BT Sport 3mth free deal Moto GP

Pretty much what it says. If you are an WE customer and like motorbike racing you can get 3 mths free access to the BT sport app. You need WiFi of course. You can watch on your TV if you have a smart TV or your lap top if you can do those techy things.

I only like Moto GP. Season is March to November.  After the three months it's £5 per month. Cheaper than paying for the channel or Moto GP pass.

Biggles pays for BT Sport for  the season and casts it to the TV. He'll be back in August so it's only about £20 I will have to pay for the season. £100+ on MotoGP app.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Earth Hour.

We built a robot during Earth hour. Lit candles in the kitchen and got out some of the recycling boxes I 2as saving for model making. Just a fun quick thing to do.
We can still recycle it. We will recycle more esp the bathroom  rubbish. Two bins needed. We will walk more in nice weather too.

Quite enjoying the domestic hiatus for once.

Italy was a bit too full on domesticity. I am quite enjoying myself here however.  I have enough to keep me busy and its not forever. I have something on the horizon for the future.

Still baking, gardeningish and getting on with it. Lists are being ticked. Kids are joining in.

Taking pleasure in it too.

I have some applications coming up. I need to complete them next Thursday when Small boy goes to a childminder for the day.

Earth hour to night and we will bath by candle light and play hide and seek. Resolve to recycle more. The bathroom rubbish is a point of contention. We should do more with it. So often it is al chucked away in one. At least the boxes and paper and plastic bottles should be sorted.  I'll see what Tweeny girl comes up with too.

Enjoy Mothering Sunday. We are not doign anything in particular. I have a small £5.11 0.83kg Joint of beef to roast.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Busy. Idle hands I have not.

Baking, mending, sorting, decluttering, dig walking, child care, domestic stuff, form filling and banking.

I have a jobs list much of which is spring cleaning or rather spring sorting. I  getting through it. Removing items that are accomplished then adding more when I see or come across something that needs doing. Some of it is fun. Others are just a drag.
Tis the way of the crumbling cookie.
More to do tomorrow. I need to make the most of the nice weather.

Once we have popped put for items - I want to- make headway with the garden planting and maybe wash some reachable windows, get some washing hung out..

Fingers crossed.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Monday list

Made beds
Got kids dressed
Washing put on
School run
Dog walk
Washing hung out inside due to grey clouds
Dishwasher emptied
Banking paper work completed
Form filling and administration
The above interspersed with playing with small boy.
Various phone calls
Nap with boy. I can see the cuddle time diminishing already. Childhood is fleeting.
School run
Snack time
Guitar lesson
Tea time
Cup of tea
Fill dishwasher
Tidy up
Bedtime routine
Prep for tomorrow
Sorted through bed linen, towels and tidied shelves.
Filled a bin bag with old kids clothes for Tweeny girls school's clothes drive.

Peace and quiet.

That's a few more spring cleaning jobs ticked off the list and I'm a bit more organised. Doing little bits when I can.

Toddler group and the post office tomorrow, afternoon dog walk and ice cream on the way home from school maybe...

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The fourth garden since 2010.

It's not out garden. We have it for three years. I don't want to spend much on it. We have spent enough already. The reed screening was enough given that it's not ours.

Basically to justify any garden improvements they need to be considered against the following:
Cheap/low cost
Fun and simple for the kids
Low maintenance

I would love to garden properly and invest in plants and veg etc. Moving in three years and living in rental accommodation it seems  bit pointless.

I have lawn seed. We have muddy a d bald patches. I see lawn as practical.  Makes the outside more accessible and less dirt to be walked in for/by kids and dog

Screening- discourages nosey parkers and I'm more likely to use the garden with the kids and I have more privacy in the living room. You could look straight in. It's a dark house naturally so closing the curtains was quite depressing

Container plant is for the front of the house. We can  take it with us when we move. Was 7.99. Low maintenance and I already had the pot. The front of the house is horrendously dull.

I was given these packets of seeds - English and Scottish Wildflowers.

Oh a whim I have purchased carrot seeds and sunflower seeds.

Where should I plant/grow these seeds. I have a scrubby grassed areas that was likely once a flower bed.

I have the corner plot, the concrete trough and a long window box plastic planter.

The corner plot.
Whats this stuff ? Is it likely to climb? Is is an horrendous weed? I have no clue. The plot needs turning over and putting back to soil. Its a job for a nice day. 

These concrete chunks were all over the corner plot pretending to be a rockery. It was awful. I dug them out and chucked them under the hedge which has been given a number 1 buzz cut back to the bone. It was a monster when we moved in. Same with the other side. Hopeful they will grow back nicer and more luscious. Check the patchy bits of grass. 

Plastic freecycled garden chairs and table. Lots of freecycled garden toys and a shell sandpit from Grandma. I will get sand for it this year. 

The concrete trough I have pulled out the obvious weeds and covered the soil from sunlight in a effort to slow down the weeds. I will pull out the weeds before planting. 

This bush has nice yellow flowers in the winter. Don't know what it's called? This little dude was one of our bad taste Valentines presents. He has lived in Italy and made it back in one piece. Hes one of the severn dwarf's I think, or supposed to be. 

Tweenys hanging thing made many years ago. We should make more as we have loads of old beads and stuff.  This shell mirror is a vile ceramic thing. I wouldn't have it in the house. I chose to hang it out side. Its quite useful if you want to check you have no twigs in your hair. Small pink tin bucket was found in the garden. I may use this as a base of another hanging made with the kids.  That's the plant I bought and re potted just peeking up from the bottom there.

The other side of the garden. Lots of patchy lawn area and scrub where the hedge has been cut back.

I have purchased two packs of carrots. Where should I grow them? Concrete trough? Could I chuck in some seeding potatoes as well? What else could I chuck in for fun? Cheap and cheerful and simple to grow.

I bough these as well. Where do you think? The corner plot once I have dug it over and covered it with compost?

I was either given or sent these wild flowers for free. Corner plot?

 Any advice about that plot in the corner would be greatly appreciated. Its a pain the back side. Should I weed kill first then dig out? I have no idea for areas such as this.
Is that thing a weed?
Any tips for patching up the lawn? 
Flowers in the corner plot or in the concrete trough? 
What's that thing in the corner?  Weed or not?


Changed a nappy
Opened curtains
Made beds
Got dressed, got small boy dressed
Shouted at children for spitting water at each other. 9 and 2 -
Changed small boy
Opened curtains downstairs
Let dog out
Picked up dog poo
Washed hands
Turned on TV
Made coffee and juice
Made porridge and a sausage sandwich for Tweeny
Collected in washing
emptied dish washer
Began refilling dishwasher
Swept the kitchen floor
Got out more muffins and cake to defrost.
Helped tweeny with Maths homework
Emptied out under stairs cupboard and re stacked - sorting out coats and scarves as I went. We now have better access to the coats and jackets we need in this more spring like weather
Arranged to return one package to Ebay and arranged to return one package to an Amazon seller. I have to pay for postage but still.
printed off NHS bursary application - all 60 odd pages. This needs quiet time to complete.
Made a cup of tea and had a slice of cake.
It is 1155.

Typed blog.
The day is dreak and grey. The dog needs a run. I had intended doing some gardening. I may only plant a plant in a pot and scurry away inside and contend my self with sewing.

We will pop to the park at about 3pm I think post the boys typical nap.

Sunday dinner today but with boneless skinless chicken thighs. We eat late. So around 6pm ish.

Off to spend some time with my children, albeit indoors.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

A Few Pics

Our freecycled added to trampoline is still doing ok. 

Willow screening. Cheap and cheerful. I hope it lasts for three years. I was sick of people looking over the fence straight into out garden and living room. 

Orange zest muffins made with sweetner not sugar and left over lower fat  creme fraiche.

If I want to lose weight I need to stop making cake with left overs and just make enough for the kids for breakfast. 

Lazy Saturday morning needed. Going to wash the car and walk the dog down the river Thames, 
Its pizza popcorn night tonight and we will camp in the living room with blankets. Easy fun to be had. 

The willow is a little short. I have another roll on order. Sunday we will garden.  I have some compost, carrot seeds and free flower seeds including sunflowers. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

This week has flown...

 After taking Tweeny girl to school on Tuesday Small boy and I had some time to kill until his toddler group began. We popped into two of the five charity ships on the tiny high street where we live. I managed to pick up a Gap waterproof jacket for Tweeny (£5 Yes expensive but good nick and she desperately needs a light weight waterproof that will fit over her clothes.), a pair of jeans for Small boy-75p, a mini tool set for £1 for boy and he got to choose a dragon from the 50p toy box. I snaffled from the sale rail  - all priced 50p and £1 a jumper, top and material type trench coat. 

In theory small boy was supposed to use his new tool kit complete with spanner and screwdriver to help me finish off the trampoline. It kinda worked for a bit but he soon wanted to  use the grown up tools. Nevertheless the trampoline is good to go. Just need some foam tubes to cover the metal poles that hold the net up. 

In other news we have done the following:

Lots of dog walks, 
Ate the first ice cream  of the season from the ice cream van outside of school
Cleaned the house
Made some lists
Baked more muffins
Ate leftover soup made from Christmas dinner vegetable left overs - was lovely. 
Made cheese scones
Cut the grass
Went shopping to Aldi
Moved a table
Hung a wall hanging using bamboo and wire
Went to work and made more muffins
Posted birthday cards
Took Weeny girl to the docs
Wormed the dog after a quick vet check
Filled the car up with petrol
Ferried kids to activities - Tweeny - guitar and dance.
Went to three garden centres - one trip was to return items.
Helped Tweeny with her homework

I have a spring clean groove on. Looking forward to Easter so we can get stuck in to some cleaning and washing and sorting out of stuff.

Small boys birthday list

Paw patrol items - poster to buy
Play doh- Argos is cheap enough
Kitchen - Freecycled only had to buy some accessories to cook with.
Sand for his sand pit - Argos is cheap enough.

We will have a small house party with his grandparents who are visiting. 

 I bought sunflower seeds and carrots for us to grow. i\ have some wild flower seeds to sow too. I think Sunday if it's a nice day we will garden and bounce. maybe try to make bread. 


Monday, 13 March 2017

Spring springs

After the school run and a Dr's app we walked the dog and on deciding it was a fabulous day built the free cycled from yester year 12ft trampoline base. We need new nets and padding. My hands were black.  I will put the netting poles up on Wednesday ideally once the spring covering, padding is on. I also need to dig out a spanner.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Purim on Sunday

Long day. Kids had fun. Learnt about Queen  Esther. Tweeny girl impressed with the stories about girls. The schlep to Stoke Newington was hard work:  train, underground, bus and lots of lifts. We stopped off for Mcdonalds on the way home. Treat fir the kids. Lunch was lovely for me. Tweeny less so as she doesn't do much in the ways if vegetarian grub. I live it.  Small boy eats veggie ok. 
Mcds is the devils food and only tolerable for treats. Small girl chose the chicken strips, dips, fries and a Milkshake.  Small boy got a Mcreconstituted chicken nugget happy meal. I got a diet coke. Only spent 8.75 so no harm done really.

I have now  worked out how to get to King's Cross and Euston and Victoria without the stress of stairs with a buggy, smallish bags and another child.  There are possibilities for weekends away to Scotland. It's a maybe of I can get a dog sitter or walker.I don't want to do kennels.

A late train going there and some downloaded films may help.  Walking up and down the carriage, drawing and books. Maybe for the right price..... I shall investigate.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Half a day achieved

Boy better but still tired. Slept and cuddled till nearly 10. No common today just the local park then a Saturday trip to Tesco. Not for food just oddments: birthday cards, new school skirt, plastic container for welly boots stored in the back of the car. Popped to the Garden Centre to acquire garden canes for my wall hanging project.

Managed to snaffle some daffodils from the fields.  Rogue bulbs never seen in bloom. I picked a few choice flowers not all of them.

We have costumes organised for tomorrow. Small boy should be ok in the buggy. Still coughy but by tonight was charging round again. Fingers crossed for Purim.  

Friday, 10 March 2017

Hoping steroids and Mummy's bed work their magic.

So we need to get the dog out tomorrow as we have been invited to a Purim party on Sunday.  Kids dress up in a carnival style and party. We have costumes. We quite like this sort of silliness.  The dog will need out. Hopefully if Small boy is up to it and a little less sleepy we could manage a quick blast at Chobham common.

No beef on Sunday. We will be eating at the party or the dreaded happy meals at McDonald's. I am not lugging additional food on a British Rail train and then on to Stoke Newington via the underground. I will have the buggy and costumes and stuff. It will be more than enough to lug around. I can overlook a happy meal. Its a vegetarian party menu. We all bring a strictly veggie dish. Some folk keep kosher so its best and easier to avoid meat products.

Its a very progressive community. My chum wouldn't be part of it otherwise. Wish I could find some progressive catholics lol. I love some religious traditions, stories etc and have wonderful memories of the community when I was younger. Just not so much as I grown older. Too much I have to pretend not to hear. Ahh well.

I quoted another blogger to my chum. Said blogger is Israeli, and describes Purim as 'another Spring Equinox type festival  with a Jewish myth attached that runs some thing along the lines of  'They tried to kill us, we won thanks to a miracle. We eat' (sic). My friend laughed. I taught her what to say in a confessional when we were younger and she taught me the words and moves to Hava Nagilla. She got the short straw clearly. Hava Nagila is much more fun.  We joke a lot. She is my token Jewish friend and I am her token left footer catholic friend.  She's not and neither am I but we pretend.  Love her dearly.

Friday indoors.

We gave 'croup'. Small boy is barking like a demented seal. We have steroids being delivered later.

Great NHS service. Emergency 'sit and wait' appointment at GPs.  Seen within 30 mins. Chemist delivering the standard steroid dose at 4pm this evening.
Cost - Nadda.  Zilch.

Sofa it is for cuddles. New plans required for the weekend.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Wasted but productive days.

Chicken Curry. Enough for two nights. Tomorrow I make real chips. 
Productive days baking. Lots of breakfast muffins  and Banana Bread. Mostly all in freezer to be removed on a daily basis. I will win the next few battles of the pop tart. 
Well I waited in for the  Estate management company's tree surgeon. I rang to check that they were still coming. No sign of them. I will be furious tomorrow. Instead I trimmed the grass. It's been about ten days since its last cut. I hope I can do this regularly. Makes it quick and easy. I will sow some grass in May. The lawn was terrible when we moved in last June. This is actually an improvement. Wunda Dog in the pic of course. 

 Tweenys wind hanging. This is about 5 years old. I still love it.  We have a glut of beads again. I need to find some plastic thread or some wirey type stuff. Am sure we can create something over the holidays. 
Given I spent the day indoors me and the tiny ginger thug went shopping while girl was at her performing arts class. I have a two hour window including drop off and collection so we rush. Walton on Thames is very close and Aldi is quiet at this time so no stress with parking.

Leeks were on offer as part of their big 6. I purchased some. I now need to do something interesting with leeks other than put them in soup.

I shall ponder it.

We have pizza and popcorn for Saturday night. Sunday,  I may indulge in some beef if I find a nice cut at the local butchers. Just for me and Tweeny and boy.

I hope to get our trampoline base put together at the weekend.  Not a simple task when there is only one of you and kids running around but heyho. Solutions not problems!!!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Blackening bananas means baking.

I have acquired five getting old bananas. This means two lots of banana bread. More baking  I may make cheese scones for Tweeny girl as she is not a fan of banana bread. I will half and then freeze the loaves in four chunks  as it gets dry quickly. Frozen cakes work fine.

She has also requested more muffins. They are a half decent breakfast food for Tweeny. She is not a breakfast kid unless its the weekend when she will take her time to devour cereal and bacon /sausage sandwiches quite happily. Midweek her preference is the vile pop tart.  In order to get something into her on school days I do indulge this rank habit. I have some in reserve in the cupboard. She will consider toast but only occasionally.  I don;t have any left over fruit so may surprise her with a  dollop of hidden nutella. Treats are treats.  Italians eat cake and pastries for breakfast.

We have eeked out two meals this week. Chorizo pasta one day then I added a dollop of creme fraiche and some spices to the left overs which we ate today. Small boy devoured it with gusto. He is a happy pasta kid. He was born in Italy.

He is nearly 2. We have just under a month till his birthday.

I will think about play doh, sand for his sandpit and some second hand  paw patrol things from Ebay.
No party as it will be pretty much lost on him. His Grandma may visit. We will celebrate but quietly.

Dunno what to cook tomorrow. We have dance and drama classes from 1630 - 1830. Something quick or prepared. Maybe curry and rice and a few naughty chips.

Tomorrow is shopping day. Frustratingly I have to stay in to wait for a tree surgeon on an 8-6 appointment. Realistically they pack up at about 3pm. I have the school run so a note on the door will have to suffice in the morning. Appointments are being booked and messages left on Biggles phone I think.I didnt book this one. He isn't checking his messages as this costs. And he is in UAE. I shall need to speak to the management company.  Not military it has been contracted out.

Eating dinner as a family via Skype and other oddities.

So we all ate together tonight. All four of us. Biggles joined us via Skpe. It was kinda cute but the kids are showing the cracks. The missing Dad is setting in. Small boy was not initially impressed with the phone pic of Daddy and got quite upset. He came round after a while. Instead of making a big fuss about talking to Daddy I just let them get on with what they were doing.  We got to chat instead and sort out the mundane things like renewing out forces house insurance.(It covers his kit and uniforms. The dress uniforms would be a real pain and expensive to replace.)

Small boy came round after a while and interacted. Tweeny girl was a bit non plussed.  The novelty has worn off. The time difference and his shift pattern mean he is shattered and ready for sleep when we speak at 1600. Hopefully in the future when the shift pattern changes we can sync for guitar practise for Tweeny girl at least. On Sunday he was able to help her with her maths homework which was nice.

We ended up eating dinner together with Biggles propped up against the condiments. The four way general conversation was a bit odd to begin with but nice.  Biggles had eaten. All praise was given for the eating of peas and sweetcorn.

Easter hols are on the horizon.Considering going away. When Biggles was away last time Tweeny was small and we lived much closer to family. Now we are 7hrs away. I'd like to take the kids to Scotland to see family but the drive puts me off. We have the dog to consider too.  Maybe I will break my journey in to  a few places. It will still be an epic hike.  Where there is a will! I shall endeavour to problem solve and find hound friendly hotels.

Biggles is back to the gym. I need to up the exercise and diet else he will come back all buff to a chubby unfit Mrs who is twice his size.

When they bugger off on detachment aka deployment they nominate a friend to check up on you to make sure you are ok.  Biggles mate contacted me to see if we need anything, how we are doing etc. The gist of the conversation via email and text was:

  • I have less washing
  • I don't need to cook as much
  • I shop less
  • The bed is all mine
  • The house is tidier
  • I don't need to sit through re runs of Top Gear or QI, or tolerate the new Jeremy Clarkson programme being streamed through Amazon on to the TV in the lounge. 
  • I have posted out his England Rubgy shirt as requested. 

  • The kids miss him
  • The dog misses him
  • I am responsible for cutting the grass and so I also miss him. lol

It was nice of said chap to drop me a line so soon. He will probably call at some point too. He's a nice chap.

I am starting to miss the company and someone to moan with about the world and goings on but its ok. Its not a war zone like I have said previously, so coms are frequent and uninterrupted and we can also Skype which we couldn't last time. And less worry obviously.

R and R isn't too far away. I'll keep that one quiet and surprise the kids I reckon

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


It's 2am. I can't sleep.
I want to spring clean my wardrobe.
I want to sew and re purpose.
I want to sleep.
The children are sleeping. Small boy will wake at 5am ish. I need sleep.
Buggery shite. I have work tomorrow evening and much to do. No daytime sofa naps for me.

Cooking with leftovers! I hate waste.

I have recently been indulging in baking far more than I did before. This mostly revolves around
  • Scones
  • Muffins
  • Fruit bread

If I have left over fruit it gets chucked in one of the above. The kids like fresh fruit and do ok generally but they won't eat very yellowing bananas or super wrinkly apples. Any berries that are a bit soft are overlooked so I collect them and throw them in one of the above or freeze them till I have accumulated enough.  If I have a tin of fruit with left overs that too is chopped up and chucked in.  They have them for breakie or snacks, in packed lunches and for dessert with custard. 

I also have a glut of frozen brambles. I grab a handful of these to chuck in to muffins if I don't have quite enough other leftover fruit. Apples or  banana goes into bread though I have thrown some into a muffin. It worked well.  

I would like to be able to make flap jacks. Mine either fall apart or go super hard. What am I doing wrong?

Savoury wise my left over use it up recipes are often:
  • Soup
  • Mince
  • Curry
I have a stash of Maysan Curry paste. It's hard to get in the south of the country but it was a staple when I lived in the north. I ordered some from Amazon. Its  just like Chinese style curry that you buy from a take away. All veg or meat can be chucked in. Simple and effective.
Maysan curry paste and Makway curry powder  NO stockists in the south east according to their product map. It's great for fakeaways. Can't beat it.  I make and deep fry chips some times to go with it as well as rice for Friday night fake it food. 

Mince- I plump this out with grated carrot, leek, squishy mushrooms. turnip, swede, celery or what ever left over veg we have.  Simple mince and tatties bulked out can stretch for three nights meals, same with bolognese or ragu and meat chilli base. I could make burgers but too much faff and I prefer to stretch out the mince as far as is possible. Kids not keen on burgers anyway- shop bought or  home made. Mince works.

Cabbage I chop and stir fry with some garlic and dried chilli's as a side dish. 

Soup is fab. Pea soup is my kids favourite especially with cheese scones to dip into it. Its the bright green I think that makes it so attractive to them. Alien soup.  I make it with frozen peas. I wonder if I could do the same with sweet corn? I may experiment. The husks would need straining I think. 

I can add left over ham or bacon or gammon to pea soup or any veg or lentil soup and blend it all up but if I don't have meat then its fine just with peas and veg. 

Veg soup, lentil soup, blended or chunky, throw in some pasta etc, etc.  Thai curry soup made from left over Thai curry sauce is also  a big winner with both kids and adults. I cool some down to be palatable  and add in some noodles for boy Thats spicey hotness not temp  btw. It makes it easier for him to manoeuvre. 

 I can also knock up stews, and stir fries and non mince pasta dishes. I try to have a rough plan then use up what's left and getting a bit rancid at the edges.

I would like to get the flap jacks off pat. They are useful  for Biggles who is rubbish at breakfast. He will take a slice of banana bread and says he would also take flap jacks. His eating habits are a bit naff  to be honest. Just habits he has been allowed to form since childhood. He really needs to up his veg and fruit intake but its like talking to a brick wall. Who doesn't eat fruit at least once a day? An apple as part of lunch? I used to take three pieces to fruit to work each day and a sandwich.  Satsuma, apple and banana being the easiest to grab. I blame his mother.

I figure eating is partly what you need to eat and also a bit of indulgence. He has too much indulgence.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Monday monday after the weekend

First weekend on our own. We headed to Woodham Common for a simple picnic. Was ok. Fun for the kids as it's a wood. Lots of branches and exploring but not great for the dog.  It's triangular shaped with visible roads and busy traffic on both sides.
We have decided on Chobham Common for next week. Looks much larger and the dog can get a decent run. I miss vast expanses of space. Less abundant in the suburban greenbelt of that London.

Popcorn  n Movies, more local woody walks near the river and it's Monday again. 

Mince and tatties is our twice meal this week. Sunday and Monday with frozen broccoli, carrots and frozen Yorkshire's.

No point in making a batch when we only want 4. They are Everyday Value from Aldi. 48p for 15 puds so I am not complaining. 3p each or so.   The frozen broccoli is surprisingly good. 

We made left over fruit muffins today.  I had picked out and frozen some squishy blueberries. I added some brambles from the scavenged frozen stash and a few raisins. We have fruity cakey for the boy. The girl may eat them with custard. 

The small boy has a big boys bed. He goes to sleep quite the thing but wakes and won't go back to sleep until I put him back in bed and after a quick kiss. I have to sleep on the floor in his room on the cot mattress on the floor or he gets up again several times. 

It's a pain. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

How did I used to do this and work....

Feeling a bit tired this evening. Glad I am not working full time with two kids and a dog and on my own. I wouldn't have the dog and Tweeny girls extra curricula would be weekends only. The small boy went to a butterfly park to day so the dog got a good romp, the house was cleaned, dinner made, jobs done while I waited in for the not appearing tree surgeon.  This meant I shopped while Tweeny went to dance and drama class. Worked well it was quiet at Aldi. I managed to get home, put the shopping away and collect the dog so that we could have a second walk with Small boy.

We hunted for the Gruffallo with monster fighting sticks as the light faded. The dog romped and put the fear of god into a jogger who was cross country running off the beaten path. She is all bark and very protective of her pack. She would never snap. Just makes a lot of noise.

Dinner - we are cooking once and having ding cuisine the second day one a week on average. I made angry chicken and pasta which will be re cycled tomorrow with garlic bread tomorrow.  I had some frozen wine cubes in the freezer. I made the usual bulk. The kids were ravenous but there is still enough to be eeked out tomorrow,

Scones and Banana cake still going down well.

Tomorrow given that things are going ok, I shall start on increasing the exercise out put by putting boy in the back pack and walking to school and doing out jobs along the high street. Dog will get a mooch in the afternoon.

School run, jobs and maybe Rhyme time at the library.

Ah the joys of military life...

Biggles is away in the Land of Sand for 6mths. He left at the weekend. Will get some R&R after 3mths for two weeks. Home in late August for good. So its just me and the kids and the Wunda dog. So far so good to be honest but I am keeping the kids busy. Biggles is missing them dreadfully. He has asked that I send out some pictures for his office. 

We are getting back into the swing of uniformed life I suppose and one of those aspects being separation. Thankfully not a war zone this time so less to worry about.

On the positive side, there is less washing, less food to buy and cook, house is tidier and I get the whole bed. 

Down side is that we have to walk the dog as a family everyday. This is fine in nice weather and when the kids are not tired or unwell. I walk the dog everyday with small boy so its not too bad. 

I have the grass to cut however. This is a pain though I  do that when boy is away for day with his bud. Only every fortnight I need to fit the bugger in. 

I am still epilating. I am taking my supplements abeit sporadically. I havent lost any weight yet. We went on holiday and splurged ( Back to Northumberland). 
I have a large application to STep into Social Work due soon. Just waiting for the window to open. 

I have given up Facebook for lent, eating after 7pm and alcohol. Individually they were easy. I have little to give up that would be a challenge to be honest hence the combination. 

For the kids we have eaten our favourite food, we have a new bedtime routine that involves games, I have baked their favourite cakes.  We have built a den in the living room, completed craft projects and revived old toys with new batteries. We will bake Brownies at the weekend. 
The weekend will be a test as thats when they see their Dad more. Same for Biggles. 

More films, popcorn, pizza and fruit kebabs this weekend I think.